Stepping Up

Slap of Reality

For about a month now, I’ve been dabbling and learning the basics of developing a ‘travel site’ and blogging, for that matterMy experiences are still limited (compared to other travel sites by more well-traveled bloggers you may see all over the net), but I really want to start now, rather than wait ’til later. Document them as I go, rather than write about the travel when I can barely remember the details.

I started with the site Breaking Life’s Monotony but it did not really feel right so I closed it and started all over again. Novice to the web designing part, I deleted all the files when I closed the site. So yeah, I have to re-post everything manually, as well as rewrite them since I’ve learned that posting a blog which has been previously published is tantamount to plagiarizing (yes, even if it’s your own blog)! Accordingly, Google and other search engines recognize them as a duplicate content, and your write-up will be placed at the bottom of the search. So yeah, lesson learned and currently working on my rewrites.

Now, constantly looking for opportunity to write (and get paid for it, preferably), I saw this invitation to write for Travelicious. It’s an open invitation to amateur writers all across the globe to share their travel experience and get paid AUD 40.00, should the submitted article gets approved for publication. I was just taken aback with the caveat: one has to purchase his own domain name from Go Daddy for USD 12.00. I was thinking though, that the payout will still be higher than the domain name purchase, so I went through the whole brouhaha and submitted an article. I got approved and was published (Yowza!).


Given that I’ve already started my blog site for travels here in Footstep Chronicles, I was left with a conundrum by the purchased domain. I have a year before it’s renewal and I’m currently thinking on how to develop the website. I’m leaning towards developing it as a Book Review blog site but not sure yet. Let’s see. Check every now and then to see it’s development.

The thing is I got published! Thanks, Travelicious for giving me the push I needed to get things rolling.


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