Eden Nature Park, Davao City

Eden Nature Park and Resort in Davao City, Davao,  Philippines offers a lot of things to explore for a nature lover. The park is situated at the foot of the mountains making it quite a drive to  get to. It is a Mountain Resort, but the more adventurous guests visit because of their featured Skyswing, Skyrider and Skycycle facilities.

Eden Nature Park Trail map

From Davao City center, one can take the jeepney via Toril route.  Landmarks to take note of are the Mercury Drug Store and Chow King on the rotunda along MacArthur highway.  It’s more or less 40 minutes drive that will cost around Php 20.00 (USD 0.44) per person.

Now,  getting a habal-habal or tricycle to the park itself can get a little tricky. Once we’ve gotten off of the jeep, we were accosted (no joke) by a lot of drivers offering to get us to the park. We were able to negotiate for a tricycle that can accommodate me and my friends (there are 5 of us) for Php 400 (USD 8.31). Not bad for a 12.5 km uphill drive.

Habal-habal ride. Photo courtesy of Julie Montoya

But if you are traveling alone or one that wants a more adventurous drive, a motorcyle back ride or habal-habal for one person is Php 50.00 (USD 1.04). Then getting from the park itself, you can get a fixed rate of Php 50.00 for the habal-habal and Php 60.00 per head for the tricycle because it will be an easier downhill drive.

Entrance fee is Php 220.00 per head for adults. The entrance fee will include an  afternoon snack already. You can refer to their brochure for other published rates:

Needless to say we had a fun afternoon after overcoming the nerves and just went for it.

The Skycycle.
The Skyrider.

It’s unfortunate that we only allotted an afternoon to go to the park. We weren’t able to trek and see the resort fully. It’s one of the attractions in Davao that I’d be happy to go back to and explore more.


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