Take A Leap

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time given to us.”

– Gandalf the Grey
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

Above is one of my most favorite quotes in life. It’s one of my go-to reminders when I find myself in a rut, in an impasse, or even just in a long period of dormancy. It goes back to one of my beliefs – Life is the greatest journey one must embark upon. One in which we must be willing to work on ourselves.

Source: Jovy Kimakim

Everyone is multi-faceted. Everyone is multi-dimensional. We are not characters in a book that were created for a specific function or were cast for a specific role. We are complicated beings defined by our choices and decisions.  

Not everyone can be the best in their fields. Not everyone can be the experts on their crafts. But one can always work his best to give the best definition on how or what his life is. And by these very choices make who we are.  

We can make our lives out of nothing, we just have to make a conscientious effort to improve our lives in a day to day basis.  

Never knowing what will happen next can be very scary, but if we will only recognize that embarking on the unknown is the best adventure, we can avoid a monotonous life. We can always play it safe, yes, however it (life) can become complacent, meaningless, mundane and to an extent, senseless.  And where’s the fun in that?   

Source: Jovy Kimakim
At the floating bridge in Governor’s Island. Photo courtesy of Jovy Kimakim.

Those who became great never searched for a sense of security or a sense of stability. Those who are great recognizes that sense of security in this world is a false sense because nothing is predictable and permanent.

Photo by Jovy Kimakim in Marcos Island

Take the road less traveled, better yet, forge your own path to success (however you define success in your life may be). Be confident in the thought that you were willing to take risks. Refuse to go anywhere but higher and farther in life. The only limits to your potential are the ones you conjured on your mind. Push your boundaries. Take chances, you don’t really know what will happen.

Source: Mary Raquel

We are only given one shot at life. Some say you only live once, I realized that should not be our mindset. We live everyday, we only die once. We will eventually end our journey, don’t be one of those who has to look back and say “I could’ve or would’ve “.  Be one that will say “Once is enough.”  

*Pictures taken in Hundred Islands, Alaminos, Pangasinan, Philippines.

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